Annual Report/AGM

Annual Report for the year 2010


I welcome you all to this Annual General Meeting of Afro-Asian Book Council. I have the proud privilege to submit you the audited balance sheet and accounts for the year ending 31st March 2009. If I have your permission, I can take it as read. However, if there is any query relating to accounts or this Report, I shall be glad to respond to it at the conclusion of my presentation.

During the last year, we had an opportunity to participate in Sharjah Book Fair, Beijing International Book Fair, Kathmandu Education Book Fair, Hong Kong Book Fair, Moscow International Book Fair, and Taipei International Book Fair. The fair authorities were kind enough to allocate us a complimentary stand. This gesture helped the Council to show its presence in the regions where such a book fair was held. Whenever a stall is allocated to us, we request our members to send us their books for display. In such cases, we do get good response.

In response to the suggestion by our members during the AGM held on 5th February, 2006 we introduced the concept of Life Membership. The idea was particularly to help our overseas members. Many of our overseas members found it difficult to pay small annual membership. They had to incur more expenditure as postage and bank draft charges. They will now find it economical. Till now, we have 27 Life Members from India and 6 from other countries. In all, we have 120 Members from India and 81 abroad from 21 countries across the world. However, some of the individuals are not in contact with us for some time.

With a view to increase our membership in the international field, we are contacting Embassies and High Commissions of Asian and African countries in New Delhi and hope that our attempt will take us forward.

As we know, the Afro-Asian Book Council was set up 20 years ago in February 1990. The idea was conceived by the Afro-Asian Publishing Conference, which was organized jointly by CAPEXILs Books, Publications & Printing Panel and National Book Trust.

The main objectives of setting up Afro-Asian Book Council as a separate entity were to create better awareness of the status of the book industry in Asia and Africa, to assess the potential and needs in the field of book publishing and to identify areas of mutual cooperation for promoting authorship, book production and distribution through national and regional institutions. The Conference also concerned itself with devising suitable mechanisms to deal with difficulties being faced by the two regions in the realm of books and to provide for a continuous dialogue among all concerned─ authors, publishers, booksellers and others.

Since its establishment, the Council has been organizing seminars on topics conductive to the interest of its various constituents and reports are published and circulated widely. Last time, the day we had this AGM we also had a Seminar on National Knowledge Commission. As you all know, the Commission was appointed in India by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to revitalize education in the country. We invited the key functionaries of the Commission to apprise us of its recommendations. The Commission?s recommendations, we felt, should have a deep understanding on the functioning of the Indian Book Industry and should also have an incidence on our relationship with Asian and African book industries.

On 25th September, 2009, Honble Minister of HRD, decided that a Committee of publishers, authors and government officials would be formed in the Ministry to draft a national book policy which will look after the promotion and problems of the book industry.

This information should be of interest to the publishing industry in India and other Asian and African countries. Afro-Asian Book Council, to be more effective, should have this kind of information from various countries in the Asian and African continents for members to share. The Council can make it accessible either through its Newsletter or Website. In fact, this should be another milestone for the Council as an incentive to join its existing fraternity and for us to work together for the task the founding fathers of AABC envisioned 20 years back.

In view of the changing scenario, there is certainly a need to revitalize the Afro-Asian Book Council. We seek your help towards this, particularly to have more members.

Annual Report/AGM

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Annual Report for the year 2010

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