Annual Report/AGM

Annual Report for the year 2008


Once again it gives me a great privilege and pleasure to welcome you all to this Annual General Meeting and present to you the audited balance sheet and accounts for the year ending March 31, 2007, If I have your permission, I can take it as read. However, if there is any question relating to this Report or the accounts, I can answer at the conclusion of my presentation.

For me, it is a second opportunity to make presentation as Director of this Council at its AGM. As you know, I took over from Mr. Abul Hasan in October 2004 when Mr. Hasan expressed his inability to continue because of his ill-health. Despite this, he was kind enough to continue to be our Advisor till October 25, 2006 when the destiny snatched him from us. In fact, as I understand, Mr Hasan envisioned the need for Afro-Asian Book Council and gave it a momentum. Another distinguished personality we have lost ever since our last AGM was Mr. R.S. Khurmi, a distinguished author and one of the founding members of the Council. All of you must have seen him participating actively in the deliberations of the last AGM and giving his valuable suggestions. He was regular almost in all executive committee meetings in spite of his ill health. I pay my tributes to both Mr. Hasan and Mr. Khurmi. Their untiring efforts and fine example should inspire us to continue with our endeavours with more vigour and vitality.

I am sure, our quarterly bulletin must be reaching you on a regular basis. We have found it an ideal means of communication. Recently, our Secretary-General, Mr. Sukumar Das, has expressed his desire that besides being a source of information, it should also be educative in nature. There is an urgent need for this now than ever before to bring professionalism in our publishing industry. The electronic media and the resultant globalization have intensified further a brisk competition even from across our national boundaries. Our books are not immune from this. It has necessitated an improvement in the quality of text and production of our books. The time has come when we should look for and assimilate innovative ideas. If we don?t, we shall be relegated behind. We, therefore, wish to devote further issues of our quarterly bulletin to the exposition of even minor issues, which should greatly help our people in the publishing trade to accomplish our objective of greater productivity.

We have to bring in transformation in our traditional approach. There are issues like editorial input, cover design, implication of ISBN, copyright, human resource development in publishing and book distribution, role of exhibitions and book fairs, exploring a new market, etc. which need to be studied afresh in the context of emerging scenario. All this requires us even to attempt a book to prepare people in our book industry for a better tomorrow. While the Council?s Secretariat shall try its best to communicate to you all our ideas, if any one of you can contribute article relating to publishing and book distribution, please send it to our secretariat for our consideration.

Apart from this, we have also participated in international book fairs wherever we have been able to get a complimentary stall. We are grateful to the book fair authorities of 17th and 18th New Delhi World Book Fair, Moscow International Book Fair, Beijing Book Fair, Dhaka Book Fair, and Hong Kong Book Fair for allocating us complimentary stalls.

The AABC?s website ( remains updated to enable the members and others to have an access to the information about our Council and its activities. The holding of seminars on topics dear to us is yet Council?s another activity. At the time of holding the last AGM, we organized a Seminar on Electronic Publishing. Continuing with this tradition, two seminars were organized: One on Emerging Trends and Challenges to Meet, another on Marketing of Books & Journals in the Changing Scenario. The publication of the proceedings of the seminars contained in the form of small books should help many people to assimilate innovate ideas if they are not able to participate in the seminars due to one reason or the other.

Ever since its inception, the Council has the glorious tradition of nominating chairman at its AGM for two years alternatively from Asian and African continents. In the last AGM, we had the privilege to nominate Mr. Najam Sethi from Pakistan to adorn this distinguished status. This year, Mr. James Tumusiime from Uganda has agreed to be the Chairman for the years 2008-10. We welcome you Mr. James Tumusiime in the Council?s fraternity. We hope that your association with the Council shall bring in new dimensions in its activities. We should have many more members now through you from the African continent. Yours is a vast continent consisting of 57 countries. Let every country be represented in the Council and your association with us should also help us. Under your guidance, we should also be able to undertake new activities.

Above all, we need to increase our strength. By this, I mean the strength of all the members---the authors, translators, publishers and book-distribution organizations. This strength lies in greater enrolment of members thus adding to our resources and their suggestions to undertake programmes and projects that should help all of us in our respective endeavors. As the members are well aware, during the last AGM it was decided to introduce Life Membership. Since then the Council has 21 Life Members and 54 new members. But, considering the magnitude and dimension of the Afro-Asian Book Industry we should go miles ahead to accomplish our objective. This needs our joint efforts. It should be in the interest of all of us. We need to carve out a better tomorrow and this should be possible with our greater strength.

In publishing and book distribution, the interest of all concerned has to be to attempt what can invoke the interest of the readers at large and their creative works reach the maximum people. A publisher adds value to this and makes it accessible to the readers at large, In the absence of a creative publisher, the book remains isolated and becomes meaningless. Afro-Asian Book Council is committed in its charter to bring in professionalism in the Afro-Asian publishing scenario. There is no limit to excellence. Though as individuals we do contribute to the best possible way, together we should be able to do much more through exchange of ideas and by undertaking programmes and activities. For all this, I seek your kind cooperation by enrolling more and more members to make the Afro-Asian Book Industry more vibrant.

Annual Report/AGM

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